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At Herban Solutions we grow, sell and rent plants.
Our primary interests are in
medicinal & edible plants, butterfly host & nector plants,
drought-tolerant & unusual landscape plants and fragrant plants.
Plant:Avail.: Notes:

Aloe    $Rx
Angelonia   $Deep purple flower
Ascepleia (milkweed)  $H, Monarch
Basil     E, Rx
  TX Native, shrub   $White flws
  Orchid Tree    $Violet/purple flws
Begonia, Angel wing $Sh - pS*
   Rainbow Gold sD
   Scarlet/Red flowering   $sD
Bulbine      $ sD, pS*
Cardinal vine
   Candle stick   $H, Cloudless Sulphur
Citrus $H, Black Swallowtail
Gaint Swallowtail
Chocolate Plant $S, pS*
Coral Vine $
Crown of Thorns
   Small red flowers   $
   Small yellow flowers
   Large orange flowers     $
Dianthus, perennial
   Cheddar Pink Gray/green leaves,
(D. gratianoploitanus)sD
   Pink$Gray/green leaves, sD
   Intense Purple$Green leaves
(D. barbatus)
Esparenza  $sD, S*,
peachy orange flws
Lemon Grass     $E, Rx, pets love it!
Mexican Bird of Paradise  $D-sD, S*,
  red & yellow flws
   Live Oak$
   Shumard Red Oak $
Orchids      R
Pecock Ginger   $Sh, purple flws
Penta  $S*, pS*, N
Pigeon Berry      $
   Tillie Hughs   $
Porter Weed
   Red $N
   Violet, gaint   $N
Rosemary   $
Rubber PlantWill grow well
outdoors in SE TX
Rusellia eqisetiaformis
Salvia coccinea      $N, native
   seeds and plants available
Scutellaria suffrutescens
Sedum$ sD-D
Shasta daisy       $
Yucca, Red     D 

$ = available for sale
R = rental plants available

D = drought tolerant
sD = semi-drought tolerant

S* = Sun
  fS* = full-sun
  pS* = part-sun
Sh = Shade

Flws = flowers

H = Butterfly host plant
N = Butterfly nectar plant

Rx = Medicinal plant
E = Edible