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Dear Parents,

Here at Herban Solutions our goal is to make Life Science and related subjects fun for kids.  We specialize in botanical, gardening, butterfly, green medicine and ecology theme events and presentations.  Our program designer is a Ph.D. scientist and botantist. 

Our parties and presentations generally consist of 4 parts; introductions, topic discussion (q & a) and demonstration, a game or games and at least one creative activity.  If refreshments are desired for the event, time will be made for that either between or after the activities.

Any individual plant or craft project a child works on belongs to the child and we hope that they or their parent takes the project(s) home.  For the younger children, we ususally provide at least one additional take home coloring project.  Gift bags are also available.
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Contact Us At:
[email protected]

Party Themes Currently Available:
Pots of Color
Sweet Sunshine
Get Fruity
Flutter by my Butterfly
We can develop an event for your theme!

Have you got a child turning 3-5!
We had so many requests for parties for children turning 3
that we have are developing cute parties for younger children.
Party Themes Currently Available:
Ladybug Ladybug

Education Themes for Homeschoolers and Scouts:
Foresty & Ecosystems
Fueling Life: Carbon - Hydrogen - Oxygen
Bugs, Birds & Plants
From Sun to Dung
We can develop a program to meet your childrens needs.

Future pages:
We are preparing pages that will include outlines of our programs.
In the meantime, please give us a call for information at (713)665-6137.
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Fun Pages
We've gotten the first coloring projects & puzzles up!
Much more is to come including experiments for your budding young plant and science lovers.