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Ladybug Ladybug
Little children love the garden and many of the creatures found there.
Ladybugs are a favorite with the 3 to 8 year old set.
At this party your children will get to learn about these colorful creatures,
create their own ladybug designs and have ladybug adventures.
Age appropriate:  3-8yo.

Pots of Color
So many colorful flowers, and they will get to plant one and take it home.
Children will paint a clay pot then plant a colorful seasonal plant in it.
They discover plants need water and food just like they do.
They will see flowers, stems, leaves and roots.
Sounds simple, but children love these activities.
(Adaptable to herb gardening.)
Age appropriate:  4-12yo.

Sweet Sunshine
Our planet is energized by the Sun.  It is our source of all energy.
But how does that wonderous light fuel our personal lives?
Children will have lots of fun seeing light split into its colors and learning
how plants turn light into the energy that fuels this world.
Age appropriate:  4-adult.

Get Fruity
What is a fruit and why do plants make fruits?
Children will get to learn about this important process from bee to seed
They'll have even more fun taste testing nature's swee things!
Age appropriate:  4-adult.

Flutter by my Butterfly
Transformation!  What was once and a tiny white missle shaped spot on a leaf
becomes a beautiful butterfly!
Whenever possible, live catapillars and butterflies are used.
They will also learn how to attract butterflies to your yard with the right plants
and go home with a host or nector plant.
Age appropriate:  4-adult.

Spring Flowers (As an Easter theme or not.)
Children will learn about spring flowers, especially those from bulbs.
We will have plants and bulbs for them to discuss and make a water starter.
We can exclude Easter activities and references if you wish.
Age appropriate:  4-15.

We can develop an event for your theme!
Got an idea or question about plants you what your children to have fun learning about?
Let us know and we will develop a party for your theme!

More Themes On the Way!
We are working consantly to develop our education ideas and themes. 
So keep watching as there will be much more to choose from in the future. 
Party Organization

Our goal is to motivate children to learn through fun and active participation.
We will always ask the age of the children (or persons) attending and make our presentation at a level that is appropriate for the group.

Our parties and presentations generally consist of 4 parts:
1.  Introductions and topic discussion - we work hard to get each child in attendance involved in our question and answer format.
2.  A demonstration - we make a huge effort to make some part of the demo hands on.
3.  A game or games.
4.  At least one creative activity.

5.  If refreshments are desired for the event, time will be made for that either between or after the activities.

Our parties generally take 1-1.5 hrs., but can be made shorter or longer if you so wish.
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